To increase employee productivity and efficiency, we are launching an online Xtrasupport-Service Desk!


XtraNet Support Desk allows you to route queries received via email, forms, or phone calls into a simple web-based customer service platform. Customization of lists and forms that can be added to tickets to allow clients to meet their business needs. Depending on the roles and responsibilities of users, configurations for various organizational departments and customization of role-based access can be possible. Tracking and monitoring of requests until their closure and automation in terms of notifications and alerts would be part of it.

Xtrasupport Mobile App

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Key features

Customizable Knowledge base

Repeated requests are consolidated in this section, giving agents more time to focus on more urgent or critical issues and offering a faster approach for the end-user to acquire a solution. Easy-to-access FAQs or solution articles should be created for questions.


Automation is a powerful feature in service desk software that can significantly reduce an agent's overheads and improve productivity. Repetitive or routine tasks such as converting emails into tickets, and automatic assignment of tickets can be defined using automation.


A self-service portal will allow end users to submit a new incident, raise a service request, access the knowledge base, track the status of their problem, view announcements, etc.


Reporting consists of both pre-defined and customized reports. Automatic report generation, scheduling, sharing, and exporting are all important features.


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Key Benefits


Increase productivity

Service desks are well known for their assistance in assisting with the swift removal and resolution of any issues that employees confront.


Easier Problem Management

Since a service desk will be available for each unique user with a unique problem, a number of issues may be addressed more simply.


Accelerated Workflows

The service desk facilitates and speeds up internal company workflow by addressing issues more rapidly.



Solving problems takes less time since the user doesn't have to waste time talking to coworkers or performing research.


Easy access

Clients can approach the desk at any time and from any location and request assistance without being disturbed.


Quicker response

Users who submit their queries get fast replies.

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Our Capabilities

Simple user interface

It has a simple user interface that allows users to easily report, search, and input data, as well as manage queries with a single click.

Manage workflow

Xtrasupport desk creates faster and easier workflow within the organizations by resolving issues faster.

Monitoring reports

With Xtrasupport desk user can easily monitor the query and see the status of the query .

Proper response and problem-solving

Numerous issues can be handled with ease since service support will be offered to every individual customer who has a specific issue.

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