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Achieve the requirements of different business operations. Providing a variety of commercial advantages to its users.


X-ERP is a cutting-edge business solution developed by top industry professionals. Any small and medium-sized business can use this ERP solution to satisfy the needs of its various business processes. It automates all essential business operations, including payroll, employee self-service, accounts, inventory, sales & marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM).

The entire solution is accessible in a cloud environment and offers its users several commercial advantages.

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Any small or medium-sized business can use the cloud-based ERP application to manage their regular business operations and unique requirements, including complex HR & Payroll Management, Employee Management, Inventory Management, Accounts Management, Sales Management, and more.

HR & Payroll Management System

The HR & Payroll System is an all-inclusive, integrated solution for all human resource demands that satisfies management needs.

Inventory System

Our inventory module is a robust tool that can help your business adapt to current industry requirements.

Finance Accounts

An all-in-one accounting system that addresses all business requirements and streamlines all accounting business processes for enterprise-wide financial management.

Sales & Marketing

Your sales order processing will be supported by sales and marketing system that manages contacts, customers, and everyday tasks like prospecting.


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HR & Payroll System

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Inventory System

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Accounting System

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Sales & Marketing

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Any ERP software must be accessible. Accessibility is not a problem with X-ERP, a cloud-based service. Users can work from any location and device while employing cloud-based technologies.


Multi-device Functionality

X-ERP is compatible with all modern browsers and works on all devices and OS systems. Mobile application is available on all mobile platforms such as Android & Apple.


Payroll Taxation

With X-ERP payroll taxation, you may completely customize the ERP solution to your own business needs. You can manage taxation settings and provide tax auditing and reporting.


Integration and Modularity

Data redundancy is eliminated via integration between processes and modules, drastically reducing user entry time. It can be easily integrated with existing systems (ERP, CRM etc.) Through web services APIs.

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Critical components like finance can be set up using cloud-based technology in as little as one week, allowing users to operate from any device, anywhere.

The cost of cloud-based subscriptions is lower, there is no need to purchase and maintain on-premise infrastructure, and the system can expand with your company. You can add modules and apps to fulfill industry-specific requirements, and support is always available.

  • Reduces cost while increasing profit
  • Reduces the need for working capital
  • The system is fully linked with all corporate processes, including HRMS, Payroll, Sales & Marketing, Accounts, and Inventory.
  • Access the ERP from any location, at any time, and on any device with GST & TDS compliance.
  • Cellular ready (Android and iOS)
  • Locating Centralized Data Intelligent Data Access Control

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