P2P Anomaly Predictor

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Explore risk-free business optimization and maintain the working capital with P2P XAP- Anomaly Predictor service.

P2P XAP-Anomaly Predictor

P2P is a cutting-edge machine learning and cloud-based application that uses specific AI-based machine learning algorithms and a powerful rule-based engine to identify and anticipate exceptions and abnormalities in procure-to-pay transactions.

It gives companies an effective and quick means to identify P2P transaction-related areas of concern, assists companies in improving compliance reporting, and fosters productivity.

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Key Features

P2P Anomaly Detection

Detect/predict potential suspicious transactions, frauds, and corrupt practices with high accuracy.

P2P Process Improvement

The supply chain P2P processes can be improved and refined using this very effective and efficient method of identifying process gaps.

Compliance Reporting

An efficient and automated technique for meeting government compliance reporting requirements such as FCPA, SOX, and others.

Machine Learning

Machine learning anomaly detection methods that are tailored for every individual red flag.

Secure and confidential

Data Security and Confidentiality are managed with the utmost care in a highly secure cloud environment.

Cost Saving

Potential cost savings from preventing money leakage.


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Capabilities & Assistance


Customizable options

Customizable options allow you to fine-tune sensitivity to potential anomalies based on your company's risk profile.


Easily Predicted

Provides a full breakdown of the algorithms and metrics used to calculate the risk score.


Vendor payment

Variations in the Vendor Master for Currency/Payment Terms and Method.


Payment method

Payment Outliers for Amount, Currency, and Payment Methods.


Split Invoice Amount

Reduces expenses by splitting the invoice amount.


Duplicate Invoice

This provides a duplicate invoice detector.


Spot irregularities

Spots recurring irregularities on a monthly basis.


Date availability

Verify the check date as soon as you can.

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