Intelligent Automation

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Intelligent Automation

By increasing consumer satisfaction, boosting staff output, and adapting to new market demands, companies may benefit greatly from intelligent automation. Complex, fragmented IT with multiple systems and data sources prevents most businesses from reaping the advantages of intelligent automation.

With more than 20 years in the industry, XtraNet is a trusted provider of intelligent automation solutions for businesses of all sizes. In order to create high-impact, future-proof enterprise-grade applications in weeks rather than months and years, XtraNet draws on its intelligent automation know-how, multi-industry understanding, and strong low-code platform relationships.

Business Process Management

Transform your business with process mining and discovery to streamline processes, cut costs, and enhance productivity.


Process Mining & Discovery

Determine how current procedures might be enhanced. Optimize results and efficiency by learning from past data and trends.


Business Process Automation

Identify, model, analyse, measure, enhance, optimise, and automate multidisciplinary operational processes.

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We collaborate with banking, healthcare and other business sectors, to deliver deeper domain insights and accelerators to enterprises, allowing them to generate more value.

Robotic Process Automation

Reduce time spent on routine activities, boost productivity, and eliminate human error by automating routine business operations throughout the organisation.

Process Mining & Discovery

Determine how current procedures might be enhanced. Optimize results and performance by taking into account past data and trends.

Business Process Automation

Create a mechanism that calculates the return on investment (ROI) of projects to automate current procedures and boost efficiency.

RPA Managed Service

Prepare and plan robotic process automation (RPA) solutions for your unique business needs.


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For your way to success


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Low Code Application Development

Accelerate digital transformation by giving more power to citizen developers and reducing reliance on specialists in information technology.


Legacy Application Modernization

Make use of modern programming techniques to update ageing programmes; this will boost their efficiency and adaptability to changing conditions while preserving any pre-existing data structures.


Multi-experience Development

Create a wide range of apps in low-code environments without the need for big, specialised teams to work on just one platform, like Android or iOS.


Rapid Application Development

Using a click-and-drag interface to create software may speed up the process. Reduce product launch times by at least 60%.

Developing an Intelligent Automation Strategy?

Depending on the size of the project and the quality of your data, intelligent automation can be challenging. Help yourself reach your business goals by working with the best intelligent automation experts in the field.

Conversational AI

The use of highly intelligent chatbots for both written and spoken communication should be implemented. Make use of context and non-verbal indicators to ascertain the customer's actual goal.

Smart Assistant

Implement a context-driven customised assistant with self-service automation to boost productivity.


Insights that can be acted upon are a catalyst for critical business choices. Explore vast amounts of data to extract insights and get a holistic perspective.


Improve efficiency and automate the customer experience with a 24/7, multilingual support chatbot.

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