Analyze the lowest price and make the highest profit

Get the maximum profit under expert guidance by analyzing the lowest price in the market.


A Sanskrit word meaning "Profit" is an initiative to give customers the confidence that they paid the right price for the product, or at the very least, the chance to save money if the product price changes within a specific time frame.

GetLabh examines the purchase information, searches for the best deal on the same item, and then sends notifications.

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Key Features

GetLabh examines the purchase information, searches for the best price on the identical item, and then notifies the user. We review the purchase information, search for the best price on the exact same product, and then send emails, alerts, or both depending on the buyer's preference.

  • Search Lowest-price.
  • Analyze purchase details.
  • Sends notifications.
  • Connected with original retailers.
  • Provide frequent low-prices.
How we can assist you in comparing the prices of your products

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the item(s) that users buy on a regular basis were available at a lower cost somewhere else or if its price drops in the coming days?

Saving money or being satisfied after a purchase shouldn't be stressful, especially with market-available plans like price match or price drop protection.

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Make the most profit by analyzing the lowest price. With our tool, a user has the option to price match or return the item and repurchase it for less. To know more...

Capabilities & Assistance


Alerts & Notifications

Users can get alerts and notifications.



Constantly monitoring the buyer's pricing is available.



User can quickly locate accurate receipts.


Easy Return process

User can easily return the item and see the status of the item.



Give the option to repurchase order/items.


Locate items

Easily identify the precise item.


Range of items

Items within the buyer's price range are available.


Purchase details

Details about the buyer's purchase are provided.

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