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eatNstay by XtraNet is an integrated system that includes an Online Market Place (Online Portal) and a Web Application for Hotel Management System (HMS) that will assist the Hotel Industry as a whole. eatNstay market portal is available 24 * 7 for online bookings (room, restaurant, banquet etc.). This is a ready-to-use online portal to bring in business. Guests will be able to check hotel availability and reserve accommodations using this portal. The online portal will also feature personalized promotions for your hotel. eatNstay application is exquisitely designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of hotels. eatNstay application will allow you to choose and use only those modules which are required by your property.

eatNstay solution mobile app

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Key Modules

eatNstay - Hotel Management System

eatNstay - Hotel Management System is a one-stop solution for small restaurants and bakeries to full-service hotels and chains of hotels.

eatNstay – Online Market Place

Customers can order from a variety of hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and banquets through the booking and home delivery service offered by Our core value differentiator is the most trusted user experience, whether it is the quickest search and booking procedure, the quickest payment, settlement, or refund process.

Key Objectives

The eatNstay is a comprehensive solution that will benefit the whole hotel industry. The application has been expertly created to meet the requirements of a wide range of hotels. Our software allows you to customize it and utilize only the modules that your property requires.

  • Efficiently manage all the departments of the hotel.
  • Smooth addition of new property and integration with existing properties.
  • Visibility across all modules in all departments at any time and from anywhere in the world.
  • A full-screen view of all departments

Key Capabilities


Real time transactions visibility

Users can quickly report, search, and input data using its user-friendly interface, and they can manage inventories with a single click.


Integrate with other Application/Module

It can be easily to interface with an already systems (ERP, CRM etc.) Using web services APIs.


Available 24*7

You can easily resolve any queries by contacting our 24/7 customer service


Automatic Data Backup

The auto data backup as per set frequency. Backups can be readily restored if required.


Front desk Operation

Dashboards help your front desk provide excellent customer service.


Reservations management

Integrate our solution into your website to boost direct bookings.


Easy Document management

User can save any document on his desktop and operate with it, eliminating the need for paper documents.


Inventory item visibility

Users can quickly manage inventory with a single click, report, search, and input data.

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  • Reduces cost while increasing profit
  • Reduces the need for working capital
  • The system is fully linked with all corporate processes, including HRMS, Payroll, Sales & Marketing, Accounts, and Inventory
  • Access the solution from any location, at any time, and on any device
  • Cellular ready (Android and iOS)
  • Locating Centralized Data Intelligent Data Access Control
  • High-level HR management system
  • Restrained room service
  • Provide restaurant service
  • Great inventory tracking system

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