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Digital Strategy & Design

Businesses now want to create and provide seamless digital experiences. While technology serves as the foundation for these experiences, businesses need a clear strategy and vision to adapt to changing customer needs and market dynamics. This necessitates a robust digital strategy and design competence that uses cutting-edge technology and frameworks to help you explore new business models and provide more excellent consumer value.

XtraNet assists companies in developing a clear digital business strategy by combining design frameworks, industry knowledge, and technical skills to integrate business and technology infrastructures to generate business outcomes.

Flexibility in Business Solutions

Is your business capable of becoming a digital enterprise?
A digital strategy ensures you are maximizing opportunities. XtraNet is available to assist you in transforming your unique business.

Design of User Experience

At XtraNet, we understand that rich user experiences (UX) and client experiences (CX) are important drivers of digital change. Our methodology combines human-centered design thinking approaches with the industry and technical skills required to make ideas a reality. Cross-functional teams of strategists, designers, and expert technologists collaborate to make UX and CX the center of all we do.

Design Thinking & Incubation

We create a unique design with innovative ideas to provide your company with an exceptional flow.

Accessible Design

All the created designs by the team of XtraNet will be innovative and easy to access by the employees.

Digital Product & Platform Design

Experience the perfect user journey with our Digital Products & Platform Designs.

Experience Unification

Creating a seamless and consistent experience for customers across all touchpoints, including physical and digital channels.


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For your way to success


For your way to success


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Digital Innovation Labs

Innovation in the digital sphere is essential to success. At XtraNet, we know the potential benefits of applied innovation when grounded in specific business goals and realities. We collaborate with our clients to create new ideas and prototypes using our innovative culture. This contains frameworks for technological research, hackathons, and fast prototyping.


Accelerated Research & Emerging Technology

We have an expert research team to make you aware of market trends and client needs. Also, help you to meet with next-level innovation.


Innovation as a Service

(IaaS) business model offers organizations the expertise, resources, and tools needed to drive innovation and achieve their strategic goals.

Transform Your Business Digitally With Us And Expand It!

We look forward to working with you to create the right digital solution for your business.

Tech Advisory & Consulting

Technology Advisory & Consulting Services from XtraNet assist you in aligning your IT strategy to business results and defining a comprehensive technology plan spanning data, cloud, security, and automation.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

While choosing the best candidate for your team, we provide the best service by checking the portfolio and matching the skills with the company's demand to find the best.

Cyber Resiliency Strategy

We create a road map for implementing the new operating model and translate the strategy into an actionable plan.

Agile & DevOps Acceleration

Our Agile methodologies and DevOps practices streamline the software development lifecycle and foster collaboration between development and operations teams.

Cloud & Infrastructure Advisory

Cloud and Infrastructure Advisory provides businesses with expert guidance and support to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and optimize their IT infrastructure.

Data and Analytics Advisory

XtraNet provide fantastic data analysis advisory to maintain the workflow and achieve the future target.

CX Strategy

We have a customer-centric approach, understand customer needs, and design processes and services to exceed customer expectations.

Hyper-automation Strategy

XtraNet provides a hyper-automation strategy to innovate maximum processes to grow the business quickly.

Digital Strategy for Industries

This is one of the main things that help the company to grow digitally with the best strategy and active the key to success.

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